Network Centrality - 1

Foundation Certificate

Understanding people networks and the impact on your organization

The Network Centrality Foundation Certificate provides you with a firm foundation in the interpretation and application of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), the collective relationship resources of an organization (Social Capital), and an individual’s impact and influence (Social Quotient). Through a series of interactive and engaging virtual modules supported by e-learning content, we will give you the knowledge and confidence to understand and apply the insight from Social Capital and the Social Quotient to create powerful people networks.

Every organization has its formal structures. But traditional organizational charts do not represent the true interactions between individuals and teams. These workplace relationships create informal networks that guide the flow of information and drive performance.

Social network structures continuously evolve as they respond to the complexities and phases of work. Team roles change. People come and go. Even with the best managerial strategies, an unhealthy network will slow down productivity.

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Program Date

Thursday – 15 September, 2022

Tuesday – 20 September, 2022

Thursday- 22 September, 2022

What's Included

Understanding how people networks operate with this introduction to the principles of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), Social Quotient and Social Capital.

3 x 2.5hr virtual workshops

Module 1 = Background & Foundation of Network Centrality

Module 2 = Social Capital

Module 3 = Social Quotient


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